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Big Sky Springers 
Welcome to our site. We are small hobby breeders of AKC English Springer Spaniels.  All of our dogs and puppies are our family and get daily interaction with people, children and other pets. Our goal is to breed healthy, happy, quality Springers for those who are searching for a loyal companion and/or bird dog!
Our dogs and puppies are "eager to please, quick to learn and willing to obey. Such traits are conducive to tractability, which is essential for appropriate handler control in the field." We have not hunted our dogs but do know that they have the strong hunting instinct and with some training could be outstanding bird dogs! Our primary market is family companion-pleasure hunting. Please feel free to browse our website for more information and pictures of our available puppies, Sire, Dams and past puppies

"All of our dogs and puppies are registered through American Kennel Club!"
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